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The Atlanta Bible College/Church ofGod GeneralConference is an association ofchurches unitedbya common understandingofScripture, a commitmentto ministry, and a desire to worktogethertoteach and preach the good news ofthe KingdomofGod and the name ofJesus Christ, leadingto theconversion ofthe lostand the nurture ofallbelievers. Itis a not-for-profitorganization. Delegates andinterested members ofthe Church ofGod willmeetata designated place and time to conferin allmatterspertainingto the spirituallife and business ofthe churches.



Section1. ThegeneralofficesoftheCollege/ConferenceshallbeincorporatedintheStateofGeorgia.

Section2. TheGeneralConferenceshallmeetonceeachyearatsuchtimeandplacebetweenApril1 and August31 as maybe determined bythe Conference orits Board ofDirectors.  Announcements ofthe time and place shallbe made bythe Board ofDirectors atleastsix months in advance bypublicationsofthe GeneralConference orothermeans ofgeneral communications available to the GeneralConference. The GeneralConference maybe called at such othertimes as maybe necessary, and mayconvene upon consentofa majorityofthe memberchurches.



Section1. Eachmemberchurchwhichhasheldatleasttwenty-fourservicesduringtheyear,andwhich has made a financialcontribution to the operatingbudgetofthe College/Conference, shallbeentitled to one delegate foreach fiftyofits active members orfraction thereof. Delegates named shallbeactive members ofthe Church ofGod.

Section2. AmemberchurchisaChurchofGodwhichadherestotheStatementofFaithcontainedin this document, and which has on record atheadquarters a StatementofAffiliation with the GeneralConference.

Section3. Theseshallbedelegatesatlarge:

  1. The Board ofDirectors and one delegate fromeach State orDistrictConference;
    1. The followinglicensed orordained ministers authorized underthe auspices ofthe GeneralConference License Board: one who is activelypastoringa church;a full-time employee oftheCollege/Conference;those who have meteitherofthe above qualifications and have reached retirement
      1. The ChiefAdministrative OfficerofAtlanta Bible College/Church ofGod GeneralConference,PresidentofAtlanta Bible College, and Directorof Church/Pastor


Section4. Anindividualmemberwhohasattendedatleastthirteenservicesandwhohasmadeafinancialorservice contribution duringthe yearis considered an active memberathis church. Theseshallbe considered as minimumrequirements only.

Section5. A credentialscommitteeshallbeappointedbythechairmanoftheCollege/Conferencebefore everyConference, and the committee shallhave the powerto confirmordisqualifyanydelegateaccordingto the terms ofthis constitution. Anydelegation thus disqualified may appealto theConference.

Section6. Eachchurchshallcertify tothesecretaryoftheCollege/Conferencethenamesofitsdelegates ordelegate and alternates;this certification shallbe accompanied bya listofthe names andaddresses ofthe active members to be represented. No delegate willbe recognized in anyConferencesession withouthavingbeen recognized bythe credentials committee. Ifanydelegate is absentfromanyConference session, an alternate who has been approved bythe credentials committee maybe appointedto act.

Section7. Any churchwhichcannotsendadelegateordelegatestotheannualConferencemayappointa delegate ordelegates fromthe generalactive membership ofthe Church ofGod. However, anydelegate appointed underthis section shallhave onlyone vote, and underno circumstances can anydelegate representmore than one church orstate or districtconference. Anotice mustbe sentto thesecretaryofthe College/Conference containinga statementofthe intentions ofthe church and the namesand addresses ofits active members to be represented, atleastfifteen days before the Conferenceconvenes.

Section8. Eachdelegateshallhaveonevote.



Section1. AllmattersofCollege/Conferencebusinessshallbeopentothediscussionofallmembers present, butonlydelegates may vote orintroduce motions.

Section2. Resolutions,majormotions,orrecommendationsshouldbesubmittedtotheBoardofDirectors no laterthan fourmonths before the Conference business session convenes. Resolutions, majormotions, orrecommendations may originate with individuals, churches, Conferences, orthe Board ofDirectors. The Board ofDirectors willreceive and review the items forpublication in the summerProgress Journal. Resolutions, majormotions, and recommendations mayalso be submitted fromtheflooratthe delegate session, butthey may notbe voted upon untilthe nextConference. The resolutions,majormotions, and recommendations submitted fromthe floorwillbe published in the summer ProgressJournal priorto the nextConference.

Section3. A quorumforthetransactionofbusinessshallconsistoffiftypercentoftherecognizeddelegates in session atthatConference. Robert’s Rules ofOrdershallgovern allquestions ofparliamentaryprocedure notcovered bythis Constitution and By-laws.



Section1. SevendirectorsshallbeelectedinGeneralConferencedelegatesessions;saiddirectorsshallconstitute the Board ofDirectors ofthe College/Conference. The Board ofDirectors shallorganizebythe election ofnecessaryofficers atthe first meetingfollowingeach annualConference election.


These officers shallbe a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, and treasurer, and three board members.The termofoffice ofa directorshallbegin atthe close ofthe Conference in which said directoriselected.

Section2. NoelecteddirectorshallbeapaidemployeeoftheCollege/Conferenceforaperiodlongerthan two months in anyone year.

Section3. Thequalificationsofeachdirectorshallbethosegivenin1Timothy3,Titus1,andsuchotherscriptures as teach the qualifications ofchurch leaders. Adirectormaybe eithermale orfemale.

Section4. NominationsfortheBoardofDirectorsoftheCollege/Conferencemay besubmittedby:State orDistrictConference Boards ofthe Church ofGod;Churches thatare members ofthe GeneralConference;MinisterialAssociation ofthe Church ofGod GeneralConference. Name(s)ofnomineesand resumes willbe submitted to the ChiefAdministrative OfficerofAtlanta Bible College/GeneralConference atleastthree months before the meeting, and willbe published bythe mosteffective meansofgeneralcommunications atleastone month before the meeting.

Section5. NominationsprintedintheProgressJournalwillbebroughttothefloorofthebusinesssession bythe Chairman atleastone daybefore the daysetforthe election. Additionalnominations willbe received fromthe floor, and shallnotbe closedwith fewerthan one more nomination than the numberofdirectorships.

Section6. Nominationsshallbemadefromthefloor;butvoting shallbedonebyballot,andnonominee shallbe elected unless he receives a majorityofthe votes cast. The totallistofallnominees shallbe submitted to the delegates forelection. Ifno majorityis reached in the firstballoting, the listofnominees shallbe reduced to the three receivingthe highestnumberofvotes. When no majorityisreached with the listofthree nominees, the one receivingthe fewestvotes shallbe removed fromthe list.Ofthe two remainingnominees, the one receivingthe majorityofvotes is elected. Ifotherdirectors are tobe elected, allnames, exceptthe one(s)previouslyelected, shallbe resubmitted, and the same electionprocess repeated untilallpositions are filled.

Section7. ThetermofofficeforallCollege/Conferencedirectorsshallbeforfouryears.Nodirectorshallsucceed himselffora second term.

Section8. Any directorwhomay becomeinactivethroughsickness,resignation,prolongedabsence,ordeath, shallbe replaced forthe unexpired termbyelection atthe nextannualconference. Temporaryappointmentofsuch directors maybe made bythe Board ofDirectors.



Section1. TheChurchofGodGeneralConference,throughpartnershipwithconferencesandlocalChurches ofGod, assists themand theirmembers in the performance oftheircommission to makedisciples ofJesus Christ. The Conference serves as an advocate ofthe Church ofGod to the world.

Section2. AtlantaBibleCollegewhichwasestablishedbytheChurchofGodGeneralConference,August8, 1939, as Oregon Bible College, exists to educate men and women forChristian ministries onthe collegiate levelthrough Biblicaland Theologicalstudies, provide forgeneraleducation in the arts andsciences, and professionalstudies in pastoralministryand church vocationalareas deemed desirable.

Section3. TheBoardofDirectorsandemployeesshallwalkinamannerworthyofthecallingwherewith theyare called, “with alllowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearingone anotherin love;endeavoringto keep the unityofthe Spiritin the bond ofpeace.” Theyshallunite to edifythebodyofChristbyproclaimingthe followingBiblicaltruths:



  1.   We believe thatonlyone person is God, and thatHe is a literalcorporealbeing—almighty, eternal, immortal, and the Creatorofall
  2. JESUS We believe thatJesus Christ, born ofthe virgin Mary, is the sinless and onlybegotten Son of He existed onlyfromhis birth.
    1. THE HOLY   We believe thatthe HolySpiritis God’s divine powerand influencemanifestin God’s mightyworks and in the lives of His people. Itis nota person.
    2. THE   We believe thatthe Bible is the Word ofGod, given bydivine inspiration. Itis theonlyauthoritative source ofdoctrine and practice forChristians.
    3. We believe thatman was created innocent,butthrough disobedience to God fellundercondemnation ofdeath—the cessation ofalllife andconsciousness. Allpersons, beingboth sinfulandmortal, are in need ofsalvation.
    4.   We believe thatsalvation is bythe grace ofGod, through the atoningblood ofChrist. Itconsists ofGod’s forgiveness ofsin, the impartingofHis Spiritto the believer, and finallythegiftofimmortalityatthe resurrection when Christ returns. The steps in the gospelplan ofsalvationare:
      1. Beliefofthe things concerningJesus Christand the Gospelofthe Kingdom;
      2. Sincere repentance and confession ofsins;
      3. Baptism—which is immersion—in the name ofJesus Christforthe remission ofsins;
      4. Indwellingofthe believerbyChristthrough God’s Spirit;
      5. Growth in grace and in the knowledge ofourLord Jesus Christ.
  3. THE CHURCH OF   We believe thatthe Church ofGod is the Scripturalname forthatbodyofpeople who have been called outfromamongallnations through obedience to the gospelplan ofsalvation. Christis the Head ofthe Church;and the nature, work, and governmentofthe Church are setforth in the New Testament.
    1. THE CHRISTIAN  We believe thatthe Christian life is primarilya life ofconsecrateddiscipleship to Jesus Christas Lord, Savior, and Teacher. Itwillbe exemplified bylove, prayerfuldependence on the fruitofthe Spirit, stewardship,and tithing. The Church willrecognize those memberswho, because oftheirreligious convictions, claimexemption frommilitary
    2.   We believe that“Israel” is the name the literaldescendants ofAbrahamthroughJacob. As God’s chosen nation, Israelwas given the land ofPalestine, butbecause ofdisobedience theywere scattered throughoutthe world. In accordance with God’s covenantwith them, theywillbe restoredto Palestine as the head ofthe nations in the Kingdomof
  4. RETURN OF CHRISTAND KINGDOMOF   We believe thatthe KingdomofGod willbe establishedon earth when Christreturns personallyand visiblyto reign as Kingin Jerusalem thewhole earth, with the Church as joint-heirs with his millennialreign willbe followed bythe finaljudgmentand destruction ofthe wicked, afterwhichwillbe established “new heavens and a newearth”wherein there willbe no more death and God willbe allin all.


Dutiesof theOfficers

Section1.Itshallbethedutyofthechairmantocalland presideatallmeetingsoftheGeneralConference and ofthe Board ofDirectors ofthe College/Conference and to performallotherdutiesproperlybelongingto the presidingofficer, nototherwise provided.


Section2. Itshallbethedutyofthevicechairmantoassistthechairmanwhencalledupontodischarge the executive duties, and to actin the chairman’s place in case ofthe absence ordisabilityofthe chairman.

Section3. Itshallbetheduty ofthesecretarytokeeptheminutesofallmeetingsoftheBoardofDirectors, to keep a record ofthe activities and accomplishments ofthe Conference, to reportsuchminutes and records to the GeneralConference when requested to do so, and atanyothertime whencalled upon bythe chairman orBoard ofDirectors.

Section4. Itshallbethedutyofthetreasurer,orofhisrepresentativeasauthorizedbytheBoardofDirectors, to receive allmonies, to disburse the same, and to keep an accurate accountthereof. Itshallbethe dutyofthe treasurerto keep safelyallfunds in the possession and controlofthe Conference, to makea complete annualreportofthe receipts and disbursements to the annualconference and to the Board ofDirectors upon request, to submitsuch reports for publication, and to see thatthe accounts oftheConference are keptso as to showits financialstandingatalltimes. The treasurershallfurnish suretytothe satisfaction ofthe Board ofDirectors.

Section5. ItshallbethedutyoftheBoardofDirectorsto transactandadministerthebusinessoftheConference in accordance with these by-laws and Article Iabove. Meetings ofthe Board ofDirectorsshallbe held atthe callofthe chairman oratthe calloftwo ormore members ofthe board, notice havingbeen given ofthe date and place ofmeetinga reasonable time in advance. Notice bymail, telephone,telegram, bypublication in The Restitution Herald and/orthe Progress Journal, orin person, shallbedeemed sufficient. The Board ofDirectors shallhave powerto devise ways to accomplish the objects ofthe Conference as setforth in Article I, Section 1, above.

Section6. TheBoardofDirectorsisempowered:

  1. To acquire and hold realpropertyand personalproperty.
    1. To sellorotherwise dispose ofproperty.
    2. To raise moneybysubscription.
      1. To receive gifts, donations, and bequests.
    3. To receive and hold monies in trustas foundations orendowments, the profits ofwhich shallbeused in maintainingthe workofthe Conference.
    4. To filltemporarilybyappointmentanyelective office thatmaybecome vacantthrough sickness,resignation, prolonged absence, ordeath ofanyincumbent, untilthe nextannualconference, when thevacantoffice shallbe filled byregularelection.
    5. To take action regardingthe admission, discipline, dismissal, and restoration ofmemberChurches in the Church ofGod GeneralConference.
  2. To employa ChiefAdministrative Officerwho shallbe responsible to the Board ofDirectors foradministeringthe day-to-daybusiness ofAtlanta Bible College/GeneralConference, forpersonnel, forplanning, and forsuch specific matters ofbusiness as shallbe assigned to   The ChiefAdministrativeOfficershallmeetthe qualifications given in 1 Timothy3, Titus 1, and such otherScriptures as teach thequalifications ofchurch leaders.The ChiefAdministrative Officermaybe eithermale or
  3. To do anyothernecessaryactforthe establishment, prosecution, and accomplishmentofthebusiness ofthe College/Conference.



Section1. A quorumoftheBoardofDirectorsfortransactingbusinessshallconsistoffivemembers.




Section1. Thefinancialpolicy oftheCollege/Conferenceshallbebasedupontheprincipleofgivingoftithes and offerings byallmembers, bothchurches and individuals. The Board ofDirectors ofthe College/Conference shallbe governed in the workundertaken bythe unified budgetadopted byaction ofthe delegates atthe annualGeneralConference session.



Section1. Theconstitutionandby-lawsoftheCollege/Conferencemay beamended,altered,orrevised bya two-thirds majorityvote ofdelegates presentatanyGeneralConference meeting, noticehavingbeen given ofthe proposed amendmentorrevision in atleastthree consecutive issues of TheRestitution Herald and/orthe Progress Journal, the firstappearance thereofto be atleastthirtydays priorto the conveningofthe conference bywhich itis to be considered. Said notice shallplainlystate thenature and purpose ofthe amendmentorrevision. Publication in The Restitution Herald and/ortheProgress Journalshallbe deemed sufficientnotice.

Section2. ProposedamendmentstotheConstitutionshallbesubmittedinwriting totheSecretaryofthe Board ofDirectors bya memberchurch, a member Conference, orthe Board ofDirectors, insufficienttime to be properlypublished.


Auditing oftheBooksoftheConference

Section1. Thechairmanshallappointacompetentauditorwhosedutyshallbetoexaminethebooksand otherfinancialrecords ofthe treasurerand tomake a fullreportoftheircondition in writingto theGeneralConference atits annualmeeting, oratsuch othertime ortimes, as maybe required. Said auditorshallin no case be a memberofthe Board ofDirectors, oran employee ofthe College/Conference.



Section1. IntheeventofthedissolutionofAtlantaBibleCollege/ChurchofGodGeneralConference, the Board ofDirectors, afterpayingor makingprovision forpaymentofallofthe liabilitiesofthe Corporation, shalldispose ofallofthe assets ofthe Corporation bydistributingthose assetsexclusivelyto organizations qualified as exemptfromtaxation undersection 501(c)(3)and which are inagreementwith the StatementofFaith contained inthis document.

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