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2017 Delegate Expense Pool

Following is the method of computing expenses and prorating those expenses to the churches participating in the General Conference Delegate Expense pool. Each church is encouraged to participate in this pool, in order for it to work effectively. Churches close to the Conference site may find it more expensive to participate in the expense pool; however, the pool equalizes the expense for all churches. The pool is a fair way to make it possible for all churches to be represented.

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Delegate Expense Pool Terms

  1. All Churches of God that are members of the Conference may participate in the delegate pool.
  2. All delegates (including ministers and state conference delegates) certified by the Credentials Committee will be included in the delegate expense pool, if the church they represent has consented to participation in the pool. Only one pool entry per Church or Conference is permitted.
  3. The General Conference business office will receive expense accountings from the delegates, total those expenses, and average them to be prorated among participating churches and conferences.
  4. The pool will be based upon the cost of one automobile, round trip per church or conference. The mileage rate per mile will be determined by the General Conference operations manager by taking the average price of gasoline per gallon and dividing it by 10 and rounding it off to the nearest penny. Those who travel by plane will be paid the mileage rate per mile for the number of air miles traveled, or the amount of their air fare, whichever is less.
  5. The pool rate for this year is 22¢ per mile.
  6. Only travel expense as described above will be included in the pool. Expenses at conference will be paid by the delegates, or by their churches, as usual.
  7. Distribution of the pool will be made at Conference by the business office. Delegates, whose expenses are less than the average, will pay the difference into the pool, and delegates whose expenses are more than the average will be paid by the pool the amount over the average.
  8. Each delegate who must pay into the pool should do so by cash or check at General Conference, so that those to be paid from the pool can receive travel expenses at Conference. Each church and conference should then reimburse its delegates for the amount of the pool expense.

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