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2017 Church Delegate Form

The purpose of this delegate form is to certify your proper delegate representation at the coming Conference.  If you do not plan to have a delegate present, please complete this form anyway. Please ensure that your active membership is is current, hese figures are used for comparison in considering the general progress or trend of our churches. It is also helpful for the mailing lists of Church of God General Conference publications.

Person Completing This Form



        Section 1.  Each member church which has held at least twenty-four services during the year, and which has made a financial contribution to the operating budget of the College/Conference, shall be entitled to one delegate for each fifty of its active members or fraction thereof. Delegates named shall be active members of the Church of God.

        Section 2.  A member church is a Church of God which adheres to the Statement of Faith contained in this document, and which has on record at headquarters a Statement of Affiliation with the General Conference.

        Section 3.  These shall be delegates at large:

        a)  The Board of Directors and one delegate from each State or District Conference;

        b)  The following licensed or ordained ministers authorized under the auspices of the General Conference License Board:  one who is actively pastoring a church; a full-time employee of the College/Conference; those who have met either of the above qualifications and have reached retirement age.

        c)  The Chief Administrative Officer of Atlanta Bible College/Church of God General Conference, President of Atlanta Bible College, and Director of Church/Pastor Services.

        Section 4.  An individual member who has attended at least thirteen services and who has made a financial or service contribution during the year is considered an active member at his church. These shall be considered as minimum requirements only.

        Section 5.  A credentials committee shall be appointed by the chairman of the College/Conference before every Conference, and the committee shall have the power to confirm or disqualify any delegate according to the terms of this constitution. Any delegation thus disqualified may appeal to the Conference.

        Section 6.  Each church shall certify to the secretary of the College/Conference the names of its delegates or delegate and alternates; this certification shall be accompanied by a list of the names and addresses of the active members to be represented. No delegate will be recognized in any Conference session without having been recognized by the credentials committee. If any delegate is absent from any Conference session, an alternate who has been approved by the credentials committee may be appointed to act.

        Section 7.  Any church which cannot send a delegate or delegates to the annual Conference may appoint a delegate or delegates from the general active membership of the Church of God. However, any delegate appointed under this section shall have only one vote, and under no circumstances can any delegate represent more than one church or state or district conference. A notice must be sent to the secretary of the College/Conference containing a statement of the intentions of the church and the names and addresses of its active members to be represented, at least fifteen days before the Conference convenes.

        Section 8.  Each delegate shall have one vote.

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