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For a Ministry Focus
Christian Workers Seminar: Each spring people gather in the Gatlinburg, TN area in a hotel setting for a week of "family vacation" meets "ministry training." People benefit from a week of building friendships with new people, morning classes focused on ministry & Bible study, free time in the afternoons to explore the town and/or surrounding mountains, and evening worship services. For more info click here.

For an Intellectual Approach
Theological Conference: Not just for academics, but if you're interested in connecting with others who like to dig deeply into the texts, sprinkled with some occasional Greek & Hebrew, and lots of logical reasoning from the Scriptures, this event may be for you. Each spring people gather from all over the world at a conference center in the Atlanta, GA area to hear inspirational faith stories & to dig deeply into doctrinal discussions. For more info click here.

For the Entire Family
Midwest Family Camp: If your family feels isolated because of your understanding of Scripture, and you want to connect with others in a laid back, family-friendly atmosphere, join us at Family Camp. Each June, families gather at Camp Alexandar Mack near Milford, IN for a week of campground living, full of kids classes, play time, lake swimming, and nightly worship services. This is a great place to build lasting friendships with people who see faith the way you do. For more info click here.

For High School & College Age
FUEL: Each summer students gather at Manchester University in North Manchester, IN for a week of classes, ministry challenges, free time, and meeting students from around the country. It can be hard enough to be a Christian in high school, but when your beliefs don't line up with everyone else, a week like this matters. There are also regional retreats around the country throughout the year. They can all be found at our national youth website For more info on FUEL click here.

For the Nuts 'N' Bolts
Annual General Conference: If you and/or your church would like to explore a more formal connection with the Church of God General Conference, we invite you to join us at our annual delegate meeting. This event moves around the country each year. While there are important business meetings that take place, there's a full schedule of Bible classes & evening worship services. Minister's receive licenses at this event, and our national Board of Directors is commissioned each year. If your church is interested in membership in the General Conference, contact Seth Ross at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For more info on the event click here.

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